Standard Crime Policy

for Photographers

Starting at $75

Standard Crime Insurance protection includes coverage for employee dishonesty, forgery or alteration as well as theft, disappearance and destruction of money and securities. Because dishonest acts of employees are excluded from the property policy, Crime coverage was created to fill a coverage gap.


Crime Coverage is an optional coverage available to photographers (with or without employees) or other individual(s) operating photographer owned equipment. It also provides coverage for moneys that may be collected at the venue site. Because dishonest acts of employees (such as theft of photographic equipment by an employee) are excluded from the property policy, Crime was created to fill this coverage gap.

Crime has three coverages, each with a separate, per-loss limit. A brief description of the coverage follows.

  1. Employee Dishonesty provides protection* for the loss of money, securities and other photographic equipment or property resulting directly from one or more fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee, acting alone or in collusion with others.
  2. Forgery or Alteration provides protection* for loss resulting from forgery or alteration of outgoing checks, drafts, promissory notes and similar instruments drawn against the Insured’s accounts.
  3. Theft, Disappearance and Destruction provides protection* for loss resulting from the causes of loss described in its title. This coverage is divided into two parts, each with its own separate per-loss limit.
    • Part A Loss Inside the Premises
      Provides protection* for the loss of money and securities by the actual destruction, disappearance or wrongful abstraction thereof, within the premises.
    • Part B Loss Outside the Premises
      Provides protection* for the loss of money and securities by the actual destruction, disappearance or wrongful abstraction thereof, outside the premises while being conveyed by a messenger, or while within the living quarters in the home of any messenger. In most cases, the ‘messenger’ would be your employee collecting money or checks on your behalf.

*up to the limit selected and subject to a per-loss deductible

The geographic limitation of almost any insurance contract is described by its policy territory. The territory of this particular policy varies with its three coverages, but in each instance does include the United States and Canada. Contact us for specific territory interpretations.

The time limitation of almost any insurance contract is defined by its inception and expiration date and time (at some specific location). This limitation is known as the policy period, which in this instance is one calendar year.

This program has specific exclusions usual to this form of crime insurance. It must be understood that this is only a summary. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy language. Questions regarding these exclusions, or this summary, should be directed to R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. at 1.800.364.2433.

There is NO coverage, or coverage is excluded for:

  1. Losses, the proof of which is dependent upon an inventory or profit and loss computation.
  2. Losses due to war, whether declared or not, war like action, civil war, insurrection, rebellion or revolution, or any related act or incident.
  3. Losses due to accounting or arithmetical errors or omissions.
  4. Moneys in coin-operated vending machines or amusement devices.
  5. Losses to property in an armored vehicle or messenger service.
  6. Losses (except money or securities) due to fire.
  7. Losses resulting from extortion.
  8. Interest, dividends, or other income resulting from a money loss.
  9. Damages of any type for which the insured is legally liable. Legal expenses are also excluded.
  10. Costs, fees, and other expenses incurred by the Insured in establishing the existence of or amount of a loss covered under this policy.
  11. Cancellation Of Coverage For A Specific Employee(s)
    The Crime coverage contains a condition that immediately cancels any future coverage for any employee(s) upon discovery by the insured photographer of any dishonest act committed by that employee(s), either before or after becoming an employee of the insured photographer. This condition is common to this type of coverage. Coverage is also excluded for any employee(s) for whom similar prior insurance has been cancelled.
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