Standard Property Policy

for Photographers

Starting at $55

Property coverage is available to photographers who own photography equipment. Our Standard Property/Equipment Insurance provides coverage on a replacement cost basis (new for old). Whether it's cameras or computers, protecting your equipment with RVNA's Standard Property/Equipment Insurance will provide you peace of mind.


Property insurance is available to photographers who own photography equipment.

Property insurance provides insurance coverage for your photography equipment up to the specified value. It insures against all risks of direct physical damage from any external cause, except those which are specifically excluded. The coverage is provided on a replacement cost basis (new for old), and contains a per-loss deductible. The policy includes coverage for loss due to fire, windstorm, theft, earthquake, flood, vandalism and other perils which are not excluded.

The geographic limitation of almost any insurance contract is described by its policy territory. The territory of this particular policy provides worldwide coverage.  Coverage is provided for the property listed on the application wherever that property may be located, provided the listed property is within the policy territory as described.

The time limitation of almost any insurance contract is defined by its inception and expiration date and time (at some specific location). This limitation is known as the policy period, which in this instance is one calendar year.

This program has specific exclusions usual to this form of property insurance. It must be understood that this is only a summary. It is not all inclusive, nor does it alter or waive any of the actual policy language. Questions regarding these exclusions, or this summary, should be directed to R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. at 1.800.364.2433. There is NO coverage, or coverage is excluded for:

  • Losses greater than the replacement value of the property.
  • Loss due to inventory shortage or mysterious disappearance.
  • Loss due to theft from any unattended vehicle (including trailer) unless all of the following conditions have been met:
    a. at the time of the loss, the covered property was contained in a fully enclosed, locked and secured body or compartment of the vehicle (including trailer); and
    b. at the time of the loss, the vehicle (including trailer) had an audible alarm which was fully operational and ‘armed’; and
    c. the theft resulted from forcible entry or exit.
  • Loss or damage caused by, or made worse by:
    a. deterioration, inherent vice or latent defect;
    b. wear and tear;
    c. seizure or destruction of property by order of governmental authority;
    d. illegal transportation or trade;
    e. a dishonest act of an employee (This coverage is available under Crime Plus);
    f. the neglect of the insured to reasonably protect the property from a disaster or neighboring fire; or
  • Property that is loaned, rented or given to others. This exclusion does not apply to equipment the insured photographer provides to his/her employees or subcontractors performing at a venue on behalf of the insured photographer.
  • Property used at any event considered to be a Rave or Rave-like event.

Photographers Property Insurance provides protection to photo booth equipment owned by an insured photo booth operator.

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