How Touchdown Antics Almost Ruined One Photographer’s Game

By RVNA In Articles February 1, 2014

With more than 15 years of experience in the sports photography business, Matt Zimmerman was considered one of the most well-accomplished photographers in the area. He got his start at the age of 16, taking sports photos for the high school paper. Within a few short years, he went on to work for a weekly newspaper and then started his own sports-centered photography business.

Through the years, Matt’s abilities were always in high demand. There wasn’t a game he couldn’t shoot or any action he couldn’t capture. Though he covered a variety of prep sports, high school football was his favorite. Between the action, the raw emotions, and the fiery crowds, he was sure to always get some good photos.

The touchdown takedown

While working a homecoming football game for the school, the action and the excitement grew as the teams were tied up and the rivalry was high. Sensing a touchdown was near, Matt positioned himself at the edge of the end zone, hoping to catch a shot of the winning touchdown. He had his camera on a monopod and set his bag of extra equipment down next to him in order to free his hands.

Quickly, the home team’s quarterback threw the ball far into the end zone. The receiver had to run deep but snagged the ball for the winning touchdown. In celebration, the receiver spiked the ball onto the ground and proceeded to do an extravagant end zone dance ending with a disastrous back flip.

Matt backed off, but forgot about his bag on the ground. Not aware of Matt or his bag of equipment, the receiver hurled backward through the air. He landed squarely on top of Matt’s bag, crumpling like a ragdoll. Medics swiftly came to the player’s aid, but it quickly became apparent he suffered a potentially serious injury.

Matt felt terrible. The teen might not be able to play the rest of the season, let alone might be permanently injured. All because he left his bag on the ground. Then when he thought of the financial ramifications of the incident, he felt even worse.

The player’s ankle was broken and needed two surgeries to repair the damage. And, his hopes of college recruitment were dashed as this was his final year in high school and could not recover in time.

The player’s family sued Matt for damages in the amount of $1 million. He’d never been sued before and was shocked to discover that the legal defense cost $450 an hour! Luckily, Matt protected his interests with the photography insurance program exclusively available through R.V. Nuccio and Associates, Inc. The insurance company defended Matt, and the court found him liable for just the medical costs associated with the ankle.

Matt learned about the importance of photography-tailored insurance firsthand. If he hadn’t secured the correct coverage, the claim would have wiped out his business and possibly his personal assets too!

Industry-Tailored Protection

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Note: This case study is based on real claims scenarios. However, the story has been fictionalized to protect the privacy of those involved.

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