Certificates of Insurance

Instant Certificates of Insurance Online 24/7.

RVNA Photography policies include access to add unlimited additional insureds and certificate holders online 24/7. Print Proof of Insurance in minutes. It’s easy. Additional insureds can be named on your liability policy at the time of purchase or any time, using our online system.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

As a photographer, you may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to a facility or venue where you are having a photo shoot.  A Certificate of Insurance is an insurance document that details the type of insurance coverage you have and the dates and limits of that coverage. Many facilities and venues may also require that you to add them as an additional insured when you are on their property.

A Certificate of Insurance is sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Liability or Proof of Insurance. ProPhotographer’s Insurance allows you to easily add and print Certificates of Insurance during purchase or anytime after by using our online policy management system. Annual Photographer Liability policies start as low as $8.25/month.

View RVNA’s Certificate of Liability Explained.

What is an Additional Insured?

An Additional Insured is a person or venue, other than the insured photographer, that is also provided insurance under the policy. An Additional Insured may require that specific wording be added and is usually contained in an insurance requirement section of the Facility Use Agreement.

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How Do I Add an Additional Insured?

Adding an additional insured is part of purchasing a photographer liability policy, using our online system. If you don’t know the exact wording at the time of purchase, sign in later to add an additional insured, free of charge.

To add an additional insured later, sign in to the system with your username and password. Select the application you wish to access and click “Complete Application or Add Certificate Holder.” On the next screen, add your additional insured information and click “Continue.” When you click “Finish,” you can print the endorsement document with a new Certificate of Insurance containing the facility’s information in the certificate holder box.

If you need assistance when adding an Additional Insured, call us at 1.800.364.2433.