for Photo Booth Operators

Starting as low as $8.25 monthly

Do you have a photo booth business or are you planning on purchasing a photo booth? Today it is easier than ever to get into the photo booth business with just about anyone being easily able to pull together the tools and technology to create a photo booth themselves or buy one from an ever growing list of photo booth manufacturers.

You may be thinking, why do I need insurance for my photo booth? How could a guest become injured inside my photo booth? With alcohol as a factor at many events, it is absolutely possible for something to happen, whether it be a guest falling inside your photo booth or damaging the photo booth itself. Photo booths are expensive enough that it is a big hit to your wallet should you ever have to replace one completely out of pocket or face a lawsuit in case someone gets hurt!

Having insurance for your photo booth is not only essential for the financial protection of yourself and your business, it is another way to separate yourself from the fly-by-night competition who are uninsured.

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