Insurance for Photo Booth Operators

As low as $8.25/month

Top-rated, affordable insurance preferred by Photo Booth businesses to protect their photo booths and equipment.

Top 3 Reasons Photo Booth Operators Need Insurance

Photo booths are popular, and wherever you find a crowd, accidents are more likely to happen.
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    A guest falls and gets injured while waiting in line at a party for everyone’s favorite destination—the photo booth.
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    A group of party attendees try to squeeze into your photo booth and accidentally damage the inside as they attempt to get that shot no one else has.
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    Unexpected damage to your photobooth that adds up to a costly repair or replacement.

We insure all types of photo booths and accessories including closed booths, open-air booths, mirror booths, custom backdrops, props, and more.

Why is General Liability the most popular coverage for Photo Booth businesses?

General Liability protects your business from expensive lawsuits and claims. Our Photographer’s General Liability Policy saves photo booth businesses thousands of dollars on attorney and legal fees for lawsuits resulting from accidental injury and property damage.

Real-life claim scenario A photo booth falls over and lands on a guest causing bodily injury. The injured guest sues the photo booth operator for $100,000 to covertheir legal fees and medical costs.Liability Insurance covered this loss, and the photo booth operator didn’t have to pay a dime.

More Photo Booth Insurance FAQs

Our insurance protects photo booth operators from all sorts of unexpected events that might happen while doing business.

What if I’m asked to show proof of insurance?
If you provide services at any venue or event, you will most likely be asked to show proof of insurance. For as low as $8.25 per month, RVNA’s Photographer’s General Liability provides you with exactly what the venue needs. We are the #1 Liability insurance recommended by venues with a 99.9% venue acceptance rate!

For more details about RVNA’s General Liability and what is covered, please see Photographer’s General Liability Insurance.

Do you have insurance for my Photo Booth and Photo Booth Equipment?
Yes. Our property coverage provides broad and affordable coverage for your photo booth and photo booth equipment, including props, backdrops, printers, tablets, and more. And, we cover your stuff whether it’s in transitor storage.

Real-life claim scenario: A wildfire consumes the photo booth operator’s house. All their belongings got burned, including their photo booth, backdrops, props, along with tons of other expensive equipment. Their homeowner’s insurance excluded coverage for their business equipment, adding up to a $30,000 loss. Luckily, they had RVNA’s Property/Equipment coverage. We replaced all their business property. The only cost to our customer was their small deductible.

What is RVNA’s Replacement Cost Value?
RVNA’s coverage includes property and gear equipment at replacement cost value. So, if you accidentally drop your printer and break it, our property coverage will pay to replace your broken printer with the same or comparable printer.Watch out for other insurers that may only offer actual cash value. With a cash value payout, you only get what your old printer is worth today, the depreciated value.

For more details about RVNA’s Property/Equipment coverage, please see Photographer’s Property/Equipment Insurance.

3 Ways to Know Which Coverages are Right for Your Photo Booth Business

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    Try out our instant online quote where you can pick and choose the coverages, limits, and deductibles for your business.We have explanations of our coverages right there in the quote to make it easier for you.
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    Visit our Photographer Insurance page for more details. You’ll find information on Liability coverage, Property/Equipment coverage, and a section on tons of other specialty coverages for your photobooth business.
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    Unexpected damage to your photobooth that adds up to a costly repair or replacement.

Customers Love RVNA Insurance

  • Charlene A.

    I had to take the time to write this review because I am not easy to impress. Alessandra Sabato took my call and for the first time in along while I actually felt like someone was listening to me. She was very informative and took the time to answer... read more

    Jane F.

    It is seldom these days that one experiences true customer service - but, it's wonderful to acknowledge when you find it! Rose Ouzounian at R.V. Nuccio & Associates helped me and my client to navigate through some challenging insurance questions, and presented me with clear solutions. As a freelance... read more

    Clover C.

    We’ve been using R.V. Nuccio and Associates for years. We have been unable to find better pricing and better coverage anywhere. Ami was fantastic. She was able to find a policy that met our agencies needs.

  • Sally C.

    Ami K. was just amazing! She called me back after leaving a message within an hour, answered my questions and then proceeded to send me forms via email immediately after hanging up. Efficient! They are easy to get in touch with and Ami is THE BEST!

    Robert B.

    Ami Kim helped me by phone to find the insurance I needed and then quickly "sold" it to me, although sold is not quite the right word in this case! She let me "buy" it from her is a better explanation. It was so easy and quick, I kept thinking... read more

    Scott C.

    Ami is so efficient and terrific! This has been my insurance broker of choice for many years now. They actually pick up the phone quickly and respond fast when I need an insurance doc. Such great service! Thank you!!!

  • Chris &.

    I called in today because I needed assistance with adding an additional insured to our policy. The initial contact was done via email, however, since I didn't know how to add and additional insured, I decided to call in to customer support. The agent that assisted me, Ami, was superb.... read more

    Erica C.

    We have used this company for 8 years now, for our special fundraising event. Amy & Megan both were very helpful, professional and fast. When I have left messages, they got back to me very quickly. I highly recommend RV Nuccio & Associates for event insurance!!

    marco b.

    After calling several insurance companies, with long wait times and 1000's of questions, Eileen T, at R.V. Nuccio returned my call promptly and completely set my mind at ease for my daughters baby shower. If it hadn't been for her I felt like ditching my wine bar!! She... read more

  • Susan H.

    As the Treasurer for a high school booster club, I've been using R.V. Nuccio & Associates for the past couple of years. Ami sent me a reminder about my policy expiring, which I really appreciated because I totally forgot about it. She was very thorough and easy to work with.... read more

    Desi &.

    I renewed my DJ Liability policy today with RV Nuccio. I was away from my computer so I called and Ami helped me get it done in a flash. My docs were emailed to me shortly after. At my request Ami also emailed me a separate attachment of my declaration... read more

    Kim H.

    Ami helped me re-start the general liability policy for my video production business, when business started picking up after the pandemic year of 2020. She made it very easy. R.V. Nuccio has the excellent rates and coverage for small production companies, the best that I've found.

  • Jennifer “.

    They are a super helpful group and make insurance a breeze. We've never needed to file claims so I don't have any input on that end of things, but they are sure quick to respond and take care of your needs. Thanks to Ami from R.V Nuccio & Associates for... read more

    Donnie H.

    My company- Elite DJ And Lighting Services- is insured through R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. Any help that I have needed with my policy has always been handled quickly and effectively by Ami Kim. She has always returned my phone calls immediately with answers to all my questions, and she... read more

    Ellen L.

    As a venue owner, I appreciate how quickly RV Nuccio responded to my request. I had received a certificate that needed a small amendment added and Ami quickly fixed the issue and sent me an updated copy. I highly recommend RV Nuccio to any couple needing day of insurance!

  • Frank M.

    Our dog club has been using this insurance service for many years. The staff is very pleasant and efficient and the premium quite reasonable. Highly recommended.Ami Kim, our account executive, is especially helpful and easy to deal with.

    Lauren M.

    I just purchased my wedding insurance through this company and I’m very glad I did. Miss Ami was extremely professional and thorough in her communication with me. She helped me understand everything I wasn’t sure about and she is very genuine and sweet. Thank you for the professionalism, promptness and... read more

    David S.

    Ami Kim was very nice and helpful. The insurance for our non-profit group was affordable and easy to get, thanks to these great folks! Highly recommended!

  • Ashley S.

    Recently purchased my wedding insurance through this company and my experience with them has been great. Ami was awesome! She was super helpful, very professional and friendly. She made purchasing my insurance very easy and fast! She was able to get me a great deal for what I needed. Would... read more

    DJ M.

    I have carried DJ insurance sold by RV Nuccio since it has been available through the American Disc Jockey Association about 25 years ago. Their self service website is intuitive and informative and on the few occasions I have need assistance (like today) their agents are knowledgeable, courteous and... read more

    Katie A.

    Ami with R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc. made obtaining event insurance the easiest process! We recommend them (Wedsure) to all of our clients as an option to purchase their required event insurance. I called and left a message for assistance and they called me back within 5 minutes. She offered... read more

  • Erica W.

    We have always had wonderful service from RVNA!!! They offer great rates and service to our non-profit....and always respond super quickly when we need anything! Alessandra is our Rep and we LOVE her!!! She's so friendly and responsive!!! Can't recommend this team more!!!

    Mike A.

    I've been using R.V. Nuccio & Associates as my DJ insurance for a while now. I have not run into any problems with using their site to add additional insured, or if I need to give them a call they are quick to respond and solve my insurance questions and... read more

    Patrick P.

    Ami made my renewal process quick and painless. Quality customer service and great insurance coverage for an affordable rate!

  • Bernadette M.

    I can't say enough about my event and photography planning packages that I have had with RV Nuccio over the past 10 years each and every time I have needed assistance they are quick to response - recently - I had an event that the venue wanted words changed or... read more

    Jeffrey S.

    I wanted to thank Ami Kim of R.V. Nuccio for assisting me today with an insurance update. Our organization needed to renew our policy before it was due to expire in 10 days. Ami was able to research our old policy and have it updated for a renewal in time.... read more

    Jennifer O.

    I dealt with Ami who went over what the policy covers and what it does not. She was very informative, professional and nice to deal with. Would definitely recommend using them for event insurance.

  • Pam V.

    Very professional and highly responsive. Great customer service.

    Jake K.

    Amy was very helpful and worked quickly to get me updated on my insurance. Very pleasant experience.

    Nancy S.

    I have been very pleased with the prompt, courteous and effective assistance our nonprofit, the Carlsbad Lancer Track and Field Booster Club, has has received from Ami Kim and the whole team at R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc.

  • Jim B.

    Very helpful and knowledgeable of the policies we required. Very GOOD experience from the contact person at the agency.

    Deborah B.

    I am the treasurer for a small non-profit and when I called to renew my policy, the call volume was high so I left my name and number. I received a call back within 20 minutes. Ami was very efficient and courteous.

    shira b.

    Very easy process and reasonably priced

  • A G.

    Ami Kim is helpful and efficient. You can hear the smile in her voice! Our insurance renewal was so easy and the policy is a big peace of mind for our organization.

    SMN P.

    Ami Kim is helpful and efficient. You can hear the smile in her voice! Our insurance renewal was so easy and the policy is a big peace of mind for our organization.

    A G.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy yesterday and she was an absolute treasure. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and able to help me with my renewal of my insurance policy.

  • Barbara H.

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy yesterday and she was an absolute treasure. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and able to help me with my renewal of my insurance policy.

    A G.

    I'm in my second year of insuring my entertainment business with RV Nuccio. So far so good. They're easy to reach when I have a question or need a binder and the rates are good.


    I'm in my second year of insuring my entertainment business with RV Nuccio. So far so good. They're easy to reach when I have a question or need a binder and the rates are good.

  • Michelle A.

    I've been with R.V. Nuccio for years and they are always amazing! Super quick, responsive, and Ami made my policy renewing process so easy!! Thank you!

    ligy k.

    Ami was great to work with and even sent me an email/phone call reminder. great service and patient.

    Pat P.

    I had a very positive experience. Ami was great. This was my first time to buy event insurance, and she made it very easy for me.

  • Lauren P.

    I have been dealing with Nuccio & Associates for the last couple of years as we have had our insurance coverage with them for our PTA. They are always super easy to deal with a very quick to help with any questions we have. I would recommend them.

    Sally C.

    Ami K. was just amazing! She answered my questions, emailed me forms immediately and did not waste my time (or hers) with "selling" tactics. Great to do business with them.

    A G.

    Ami was very helpful and patient in explaining what would be needed for the event we needed the insurance.

  • Carolyn G.

    Ami was very helpful and patient in explaining what would be needed for the event we needed the insurance.


    After our insurance broker of 20 years couldn't fix the drone exclusion on our liability policy online research lead me to R.V. Nuccio & Associates. They were able to deliver ample coverage for an affordable price. Our agent Ami Kim is especially attentive and helpful. Thanks RVNA!

    Ramin M.

    I personally worked with Ami Kim and it was a wonderful experience. Ami is a delight over the phone and she was able to answer all of my questions as they came up. I have been with R.V. Nuccio for the past few years and wouldn’t recommend anyone else for... read more

  • Kim H.

    I am the treasurer for a booster organization. RV Nuccio is so easy to work with. They gave me a call to let me know I had a couple weeks before I needed to renew, with everything going on these days, I was so appreciative of the reminder!... read more

    Ian V.

    Excellent Service. Ms. Kim helped me through a certificate holder form that normally would have taken a long time and had it done in minutes. Well Done!

    Lexy K.

    So quick and efficient! I always feel good when working with them and would totally recommend!! Grateful for all their hard work. Ami was so kind and great to work with

  • Michael E.

    I have used this company for my Production Insurance needs for the last several years and they have always stepped up ,to the plate to meet my requests in an expedient and professional manner. I highly recommend them. ( I especially praise Ami Kim for her professionalism and rapid responses.)

    Jacqueline K.

    Friendly, attentive, and helpful staff!
    Thank you so much Ami. Your quick response shows your level of professionalism. I feel in great hands with R.V. Nuccio & Associates. Second year doing business, looking forward to many more years.

    Vicki S.

    Yes I had a few questions about getting insurance for my daughter's wedding, so I let a note to have someone call me, here I was thinking I would get a call the next day but nope I got the call within 1 hour. They were very respectful and... read more

  • Bren O.

    This was so easy and affordable! I would use them again. Start to finish only took me about five minutes even with a phone call to ask a question. Ami was awesome!

    Christopher S.

    I have insured my DJ business for several years through R.V. Nuccio & Associates. I've always been treated like a valued Customer. Ami helped me get renewed quickly and easily for another term. I received my policy documents fast and completely. Thanks RV Nuccio & Associates

    Parth P.

    A gentle lady name Ami just came through for me like a boss! This is probably the best customer service I have gotten! I had an issue but she immediately understood my situation and got me the documentation I needed for my last minute production. I have been with RVNA... read more

  • M. D.

    Ms. Kim was extremely helpful in assisting us with our account details and answered all questions that came up during the conversation. She was very professional and quick to respond to our requests. I recommend this company.

    Lynne H.

    I needed to buy liquor liability insurance for my daughter's upcoming wedding in August. As I was filling out the form a couple questions came up. Ami Kim, the representative called back in a timely manner and was able to help me with a couple questions as well... read more

    Mercury F.

    Awesome response time. Ami Kim gets back to me within the hour any time I need support. The website is very helpful, can handle most tasks over the website, but when I need support, Ami is amazing. Very helpful, polite and will take time to explain every... read more

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