Choosing the Right Photographer Insurance: RVNA vs. The Competition

By RVNA In Articles, Insurance Tips May 30, 2024

At a Glance: Why RVNA Pro Photographer's Insurance Excels

Benefit RVNA Pro Photographer's Insurance Other Photographer Insurance
24/7 Claims Filing
No Per-Item Limits
Owned and Rented Equipment Coverage
Entirely Customizable Coverage
Office Equipment Coverage Included
Responsive and Knowledgeable Support

In Detail: Why RVNA Stands Out from Other Photographer Insurance

Choosing the right photography insurance is crucial for safeguarding your equipment and ensuring your business operations run smoothly. This blog explores the various features of photography insurance, detailing the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice.


  • RVNA: Direct Claim Filing Anytime
    Policies like those from RVNA Pro Photographer’s Insurance allow photographers to file claims directly 24/7, bypassing the need for preliminary claims through homeowner’s insurance. This speeds up the process and simplifies claims handling.
  • Other Insurance: Homeowner’s Policy First
    Many association-provided insurances require claims through your homeowner’s policy before they engage, which can delay payment and cause frustration.


  • RVNA: No Per-Item or Aggregate Limits
    RVNA Pro Photographer’s Insurance offers insurance where if you choose a $10,000 coverage limit, it covers up to that amount even if it’s just for one high-cost item like a camera.
  • Other Insurance: Capped Per-Item Limits
    Other photographer insurances often have per-item limits that may not cover the full value of expensive professional gear, potentially leaving significant gaps in coverage.


  • RVNA: Covers Owned and Rented Equipment
    RVNA Pro Photographer policies have an option to cover both owned and rented equipment. This is essential for photographers who frequently rent additional equipment for shoots.
  • Other Insurance: Exclusion of Rented Equipment
    Many policies exclude rented equipment, which can be a major drawback for professionals who need special equipment for specific projects.


  • RVNA: Completely Customizable Coverage
    RVNA offers customizable photographer insurance specific to the needs of each photographer. with RVNA Photographers pay only for the coverage they need, not for coverage they don’t need.
  • Other Insurance: Fixed Coverage Packages
    Other insurance requires fixed packages that force photographers to buy unnecessary coverages, increasing the overall cost of coverage.


  • RVNA: Responsive and Knowledgeable Support
    Having access to responsive, reliable, and knowledgeable support staff is a significant advantage, ensuring that photographers can get help when they need it most.
  • Other Insurance: Poor Customer Service
    Unfortunately, many insurance providers offer limited support, with staff who are often unreachable or lack specific knowledge about photographers’ unique insurance needs.


  • RVNA: Comprehensive Equipment Coverage
    RVNA covers all equipment necessary for running a photography business, not just cameras but also laptops, drives, and even office equipment and protects photographers even in cases of fire, flood, or hurricane.
  • Other Insurance: Limited Definition of Equipment
    Other insurers narrowly define “equipment” which can lead to inadequate coverage for professional needs.


  • RVNA: Free, Unlimited Additional Insureds
    RVNA offers unlimited Additional Insureds at no cost. With our DIY policy management system, photographers can add and manage Additional Insureds and email Certificates of Insurance instantly.
  • Other Insurance: Extra Charges for Additional Insureds
    Other insurance providers charge for Additional Insureds and/or do not have the option to add Additional Insureds online. Combine this with staff that is unresponsive, this makes it difficult when photographers get last minute requests for a venue to be added to their policy and send proof with a COI.


  • RVNA: Cost-Effective Annual Coverage
    Annual coverage options often provide more value and extensive protection compared to short-term policies, especially for professional photographers with three or more shoots per year.
  • Other Insurance: Expensive Short-Term Coverage
    Short-term or single-event insurance might seem convenient and low-cost initially but usually comes at a much higher cost and with limited benefits.

Understanding these pros and cons will empower you to choose an insurance policy that best fits your professional needs and budget. With the right insurance in place, you can focus more on capturing great images and less on the potential setbacks.